Ary Scheffer

Ary Scheffer (10 February 1795 - 15 June 1858), French painter of Dutch and German ex traction, was born in Dordrecht

After the early death of his father Johann Baptist, a poor painter, Ary's mother Cornelia, herself a painter and daughter of landscapist Arie Lamme, took him to Paris and placed him in the studio of Pierre-Narcisse Guérin. When Scheffer left Guérin's studio, Romanticism had come into vogue in France, with such painters as Xavier SigalonEugène Delacroix and Théodore Géricault. Scheffer did not show much affinity with their work and developed his own style, which has been called "frigidly classical"
Scheffer often painted subjects from literature, especially the works of DanteByron and Goethe. Two versions of "Dante and Beatrice" have been preserved at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, United Kingdom, and Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA. Particularly highly praised was his "Francesca da Rimini" painted in 1836. Ary Sheffer's popular Faust-themed paintings include "Margaret at her Wheel"; "Faust Doubting"; "Margaret at the Sabbat"; "Margaret Leaving Church"; "The Garden Walk", and "Margaret at the Well". In 1836, he painted two pictures of Goethe's character "Mignon".


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