Adrien Moreau

The artist M. Adrien Moreau, though still young, has already won his artistic spurs, his canvases being hors concours in the Salon Exhibitions.  A pupil of M. Pils, M. Moreau has, like may other followers, emancipated himself from the traditions of his teaching and displayed his own individuality in his works.…M. Moreau is a verification in himself of the artistic axiom that a true artist, when so willed, can give equally good work in landscape as in figure painting.…Like Van Dyck, Mr. Moreau depicts his men as cavaliers, and gives his grandes dames as much refinement as grace.  His touch is microscopic in its details, and yet the accessories are always kept subservient to the theme of the story.  M. Moreau is an artist to the very tips of his fingers.


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