Alexandre de Riquer

Alexandre de Riquer i Ynglada, 7th Count of Casa Davalos (Born May 3, 1856 - November 13, 1920 ), was a versatile artist intellectual and Spanish designer, illustrator, painter, engraver, writer and poet. He was one of the leading figures of Modernism in Catalonia.
He belonged to an aristocratic family, the Counts of Casa Dávalos. His father, Marti de Riquer, Marquis of Benavent, was a senior leader of the Carlist of Catalonia, while his mother, Elisea Ynglada, belonged to a family of intellectuals and artists and writers Joseph and Wifred Coroleu and painters and Ricard Modest Urgell.
He studied in France, first in Béziers between 1869 to 1871 and for his interest in drawing classes and enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse of Languedoc. In the year 1894 he met the movement of the pre-Raphaelite English art and Japanese which would cause a great influence on his creations. Riquer distinguished himself as a graphic designer with great drawing skills. He made posters, etchings, illustrations in books and magazines, certificates, postcards, stamps, reminders, menus, sheet music, business cards and bookplates which Lluís de Yebra has made the documentation of 142 between 1900 and 1924.


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